David Miilmann Group

5. september 2024 Kl. 20:00
David Miilmann Group

In an organic collaboration, DMG has formed a soulful sound on the Danish music scene.

With the 23-year-old guitarist David Miilmann as the catalyst, the band explores new musical ground by mixing blues-inspired slide guitar with jazz, rock and Brazilian music.

With a shared love for each other and the music, DMG invites the audience into their colorful and uplifting soundscape that also contains fragments of melancholy and thoughtfulness

The band consists of 2 guitars, piano, bass and drums. This provides flexibility for various dynamic arrangements. Everything from intimate duo guitar to full band playing with overwhelming energy.

DMG released their debut album, ‘Waiting for Myself’ in late summer 2021. Since then the band has had success with two Blues Danish Music Awards nominations, finalist in the National Jazz-Competition and concerts across Denmark.

“David Miilmann is an eminent slide guitarist, and he shares Derek Trucks’ genre-defying playing style and tonal language. But you also hear echoes of Carlos Santana and Jeff Beck. David Miilmann Group puts musical elements together in their own way. You sense an artistic identity – and it also sounds really good!” – Jakob Wandam.


David Miilmann – Guitar 

Buster Isitt – Guitar

Svend Feldbæk Winther – Piano

Elias HP – Bass

Theis Nemborg – Drums


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5. september 2024, Kl. 20:00